You have options. We offer strategy and execution as monthly engagements, and also one-time services.

Month 1 - Strategy

  • Define the key events for each customer stage (stranger → lead → customer → repeat customer → promoter) after interviews with key stakeholders

  • Design your automated customer journey blueprint

  • Prioritize the automations roadmap based on company priorities and goals

  • Establish baseline metrics

  • Agree on the source of truth for every metric

  • Define necessary custom fields

  • Centralize the customer record

  • Diagram tool stack & data flow

  • Spec implementation plan for your development team

  • Put together a documented automation plan that includes all of the above

Months 2-3 - Execution
If our engagement continues past month one, we’ll execute the documented automation plan in partnership with your team.

  • Structure automation flows depending on agreed upon priorities

  • Create communications including email, text, direct mail, in-app, on-website messages

  • Launch automations until your entire automation blueprint is done, typically includes 10-15 automated flows depending on your business.

  • Set up reporting

Months 4-6 - Optimization & Management
If our engagement continues past the execution phase, we’ll take care of your new automation machine.

  • Optimize messages through strategic A/B testing

  • Handle one-times sends to your contacts

  • Create new automations as needed

  • Advise on technical matters related to your automation

  • Deliver monthly reporting to discover areas of improvement

What pricing options do I have for monthly engagements?

Option #1

Your lifecycle marketing strategy will be completed in one month for $10,000.

Deliverables include:

  • A defined customer journey

  • An automated customer journey blueprint

  • Prioritized automated journey roadmap

  • Documentation & diagram of data flow between tools

  • Implementation spec for product & development team


Option #2

Your lifecycle marketing strategy will be done and built in three months for $30,000, billed at 10k monthly.

Deliverables include:

  • Everything from option #1

  • A live, seamless, automated customer journey

  • Performance reports covering movement toward high-level goals, and nitty gritty details like open and click rates

Option #3

Your lifecycle marketing strategy will be done, built, and managed. Months 1-3 cost 10k, and months 4+ cost 5k. For example, a six-month engagement would cost $40,000 total and a twelve month engagement would cost $70,000.

Deliverables include:

  • Everything from options #1 and #2

  • Continuous testing and optimization

  • Ongoing campaign and automation management

    * Your engagement with us will replace the need to hire roles like Director of Lifecycle Marketing, Marketing Automation Manager, and Email Marketing Specialist. A twelve-month engagement with Ottomate will cost less than hiring for even one of these roles.

What one-time services do you offer?
In addition to our monthly engagements, we offer a handful of one-time services.

60-minute strategy call - $500
Bring any question you have to the table about automating your customer journey, integrating your marketing tool stack (CRM, Segment, landing page builder), and creating effective communications.


  • A recording of the call

  • A brief email recap with the key points

  • Free email follow-up after the call for 7 days

High-level documented strategy - $5,000
Based on interviewing your team and researching your audience, you’ll get a plan that covers:

  • Customer journey stages

  • Automations to create

  • Tool stack integration data flow

  • Reporting recommendations

This offering is more high-level than the detailed automation plan we create in our monthly engagements.

Your Team for a Day - $1,250 for half and $2,500 for full

Ottomate’s partners will come on-site or online and handle your specific obstacles related to automating your customer journey.

This engagement includes:

  • 30-minute call to assess your needs

  • Recorded sessions with key stakeholders

  • Action plan for the half day or full day

  • Solving as many of your automation problems as possible in the time allotted

  • Recap presentation at the end of the session

  • Availability via email for seven days after the engagement to address any follow up questions