Automating the entire customer journey is like building a machine with a large amount of moving parts. Our process covers every step required to lay a solid foundation, make a thoughtful plan, and create the thing in real-life. Here are the highlights.

Phase 1: Map the Customer Journey

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The customer journey is the experience a person has from stranger to lead to customer to repeat customer to promoter. Unlike the traditional marketing funnel, the customer journey mindset emphasizes both winning and keeping customers, along with every conversion step that leads to a long-term relationship.

After interviews with your key stakeholders, we’ll tailor the customer journey framework to match your unique business and define the key events for each stage.

Phase 2: 
Automation Blueprint


The automation blueprint is the big machine we’ll build for you. Using the key events for each customer journey stage as a guide, we’ll sketch out every automation required to plug every leak and cover every base.

You’ll also receive a prioritized roadmap rooted in your company goals and priorities.

Phase 3: Set up an Integrated Tool Stack & Seamless Data Flow



An integrated tool stack and seamless data flow is the foundation of an automated customer journey. We’ll lay out every tool you’re using, and define how everything flows in and out of your automation platform.

We’ll also spec an implementation plan for your dev team that includes tools like Segment, Zapier, and your CRM. The end result is a centralized customer record in your automation tool, and all the necessary database fields to launch targeted automations.

Phase 4: Structure Automations & Create Content


This is where things get granular. Each automation will consist of triggers, messages, and conditions. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so we’ll put our brains together and figure out what’s the best experience for your different segments.

You’ve probably noticed that marketers default to email as their only automation channel. In contrast, our approach is multi-channel from the outset. We’ll consider how your content will send through email, SMS, direct mail, in-app / on-website messages, and even retargeting ads to create a beautiful symphony together.

Phase 5: Launch, Measure & Tweak

Let’s see how these perform in the real-world. We’ll launch each automation one-by-one until the whole blueprint is complete, see what works, and then tinker our way towards a well-oiled, high-performing machine. For example:

Automation Goal
Welcome new subscribers 50% reply to "What's your biggest problem?" email
Nurture to a first-time sale 25% make their first purchase
Refer a friend 10% refer a new customer

Most businesses need 10-15 automations to cover their entire customer journey. With our measurement approach, each individual automated will be tied to a specific goal. Again, no vanity metrics. You’ll receive insight into what’s moving the revenue needle for your business.